North Borol is home to many people, who work in a variety of jobs. A small number of people in North Borol are wizards and can use fire magic for a variety of purposes. North Borol is ringed by a forest call the Great Forest that has magical, yet terrifying, properties…

Rynaw Hamagan

Rynaw Hamagan is a master metalsmith in Togil Castle. After his mentor Garress Emyenkal died, Rynaw moved himself and his pregnant wife to Togil Castle and was tasked with heading up the largest project he’s ever been involved in. He co-wrote a book called “In The Eavestown Fashion”, which revolutionized smithing over a decade ago.

Eemara Hamagan

Eemara Hamagan is the wife of Rynaw Hamagan. Her parents used to be cutters.

Dydel Zyoles

Dydel Zyoles is the wizard-in-residence at Togil Castle. He is charged with using fire magic to help process and deliver wood orders, training up-and-coming wizards, and withever else Lord Tasywack may need (usually heating baths).

Lord Lleedle Tasywack

Lord Tasywack is the ruler of Togil Castle, a castle right on the edge of the Great Forest. He has tasked Rynaw with building a statue in his likeness, though there may be compilcations in its construction…


Lyealym is a healer in Togil Castle.


Enthirn is a promising Pholemist acolyte under the charge of Kuranl. His skills in magic seem to extend beyond just making fire…

Hattawor and his daughters

Hattarow is the master woodsmith at Togil Castle. He has two daughters who he is training in woodsmithing in lieu of sending them to Growing Up Guild.


Kuranl is one of the Pholemist priests at Togil Castle. He has several acolytes under his charge. He’s a fan of Rynaw’s book, “In The Eavestown Fashion”. He seems to have magical abilities beyond simply making fire…


Anpiry is the Guildmaster contact at Togil Castle. She’s responsible for communicating messages to and from the main Guildmasters headquarters at Hadton Castle.


Caiall owns and runs The Bear and Branch Tavern, located across the street from Freshest Bounty.


Moshos owns and runs the walk-up grocery/food stand Freshest Bounty.